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Learn how you can see where you really stand today with your debts through your own personalized free analysis.
We start by identifying a group(s) of unbanked or under banked individuals, for example; an Indian Tribes Membership, a Hispanic soccer league, a single parent’s support group, blue collar unions, store employees, fast food employees, migrant farm workers, etc.

For this demographic, WISEDEBTRELIEF.COM has created the WISEDEBTRELIEF.COM University to teach financial literacy and deliver its unique micro investment opportunity.

Those who are interested would complete a registration information form and be provided a specific login password allowing access to www.WiseDebtRelief.com, and its investment articles, updates, links, interactive advice column, financial applications and support line.

An online version of our Financial Literacy presentation and the associated support tools is offered through the site’s link to the WiseDebtRelief.com University.

Powered by cutting edge technology, the site provides complete and comprehensive savings solutions with tools that are easy to use.

They may also complete a form at www.WiseDebtRelief.com for a “Free – Personal Financial Plan” (PFP) and then an option to understand how to activate the “PFP” membership, or get involved in a financial (PFP) career. SEE SECTION “What We Do” for more details on our mission.
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