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WiseDebtRelief.com is a Native American owned and managed company.

We understand, and can appreciate, the plight that has affected Native Americans in Indian Country and the struggles that our people have. We will help. Wise Debt Relief was created and designed to address the financial needs of Natives throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

For many generations in Indian Country, Native Americans have been pushed to assimilate. The rewards for assimilation were grants of land, subsidies, rights, resources, etc. The unfortunate fact is that Assimilation rewarded those behaviors which were fundamentally submissive and compliant.

Submission and compliance are not traits that lead to the development of a thriving sovereign nation. Determination and fortitude have been “taught out” of many Indian Nations. To regain their resolve and strength of purpose, Native American thinking needs to undergo a paradigm shift into a “we can” model.

In today’s society, an Indian Nation that learns to save is an Indian Nation that takes control of its destiny. Our program provides the Financial Literacy Tools that gives the Nations the ability to learn to Save.

Our platform can be applied to assist the under banked across the United States; with an emphasis on Native American Indians, Hawaiians, Alaskans, other Indigenous people, and Nations/Tribes.

We provide support seminars, workshops, conferences and symposiums that fit the needs and goals of native owned businesses, Tribes/Nations, and ANCs. Financial Literacy is a skill that can be learned; we are the teachers.
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